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Practice Policies

Northwest Swim and Dive Team COVID-19 Practice Procedures

Northwest Swim and Dive Team will be adhering to the following practice procedures during the summer swim season. These practice procedures are required and further supplement the policies of the Northwest Swim Club (“NWSC”). Northwest Swim Team swimmers and divers must also comply with facility policies and any local/state mandates.

Attending Practice

Athletes will not be permitted to attend practice until registration has been completed online and the assumption of risk and liability waiver has been signed online.

Athletes should not attend practice if they are not feeling well and/or experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, such as coughing, fever, headaches, etc. When in doubt, STAY HOME.

If an athlete has a pre-existing or underlying medical condition, a physician should be consulted before returning to the pool.

If an athlete, their household member, or a person they come into close contact with frequently, i.e. babysitter or extended family, tests positive for COVID-19, Northwest Swim Team coaching staff must be notified of such positive test. Northwest Swim Team will notify the appropriate facility and officials of the positive test and follow the facility’s response. An athlete who tests positive will stay home from practice until they are symptom-free for 14 days.

If registration numbers for a particular practice group exceeds the number of swimmers permitted in the water according to lane space and facility (see USA Swimming Diagrams), then a waitlist will be started for that practice time if an additional group cannot be created.

Swimmers and Divers will only be permitted to participate in the practice they are registered for. Since we have to limit the number of participants you can not use other practices as a make up slot if you miss your regularly scheduled time. 

Drop-Off / Pick-Up

Athletes may not enter the facility early.

Athletes will enter and exit through designated areas. Senior swimmers will enter through the gate by the tennis courts. Dryland will occur first on the tennis courts and then the swimmers will proceed down to the pool.  

Athletes may not congregate after practice.

When entering and exiting, athletes and coaches will maintain appropriate social distancing of at least six feet.

Athletes are not required, although encouraged, to wear masks when entering NWSC.

Athletes will be picked up immediately after practice.

Pool Facility

Locker rooms will be closed. Athletes must arrive with their swimsuits on. Athletes must leave with their swimsuits on.

Restrooms will be available. No more than one person may be in the restroom at a time.

Water fountains will not be available. Swimmers should bring a full water bottle labeled with his/her name. It is encouraged that you bring two water bottles to be sure you don’t run out of water, especially senior swimmers who have longer practices and will have dryland practice as well. 

Athletes and coaches will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility.

Coaches will wear masks during appropriate and necessary times at all practices.

During Practice

Athletes will not share equipment. Athletes must use their personal equipment only.

Athletes and coaches will avoid touching gates, fences, benches, blocks, etc. if possible.

All parties on deck will not make physical contact with others, such as shaking hands or giving a high five.

Athletes will avoid sharing drinks or towels.

Athletes and coaches will maintain social distancing when taking breaks.

Athletes will follow coaches’ instructions regarding entering the pool and maintaining social distancing. Northwest Swim and Dive Team intends to use USA Swimming’s pool diagrams for staggered start positions in the pool. See USA Swimming Diagrams.

Athletes and coaches who begin to cough or sneeze for any reason must move away from others until coughing or sneezing dissipates.

Violation of Policies

Athletes failing to adhere to facility and practice policies will be removed from the water. Continuous violations can lead to dismissal from practices for the remainder of the summer season.

These practice procedures were generated in response to COVID-19, the re-opening of pools, and facility policies and guidelines. The procedures are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the NWSC Board or the Northwest Swim and Dive Team coaches. 

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